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Character Information
Name:Y A G U R A |OFF|
Vocation:Yagura Akatsuki
Crítico:50 %
Defense:50 %
Otsutsuki Regeneration:Sim
Guild Name:Titas of the ReDSkull
Last login:27 January 2019, 3:45 pm
Created:5 April 2018, 9:43 pm

29 Apr 2018, 22:15 Killed at level 1516 by Edson Cavani, Full Good'skull, V E R S T A P P E N, Arwen Warcrist, Momoshiki Grind, TwDRuanZin, Smile Vitas, Demon and by Cirilo God..
28 Apr 2018, 18:57 Killed at level 1514 by Jhony Fogo Nas Piranha, DuhRevoltedz and by J o K e R C h A v O s O..
27 Apr 2018, 22:50 Killed at level 1508 by DuhRevoltedz and by Demoniada Black..
27 Apr 2018, 22:27 Killed at level 1509 by Demoniada Black and by DuhRevoltedz..
25 Apr 2018, 10:22 Killed at level 1475 by Rengav Noiado..
24 Apr 2018, 19:05 Killed at level 1477 by Demoniada Black and by DuhRevoltedz..
22 Apr 2018, 10:19 Killed at level 1444 by L U C I F E R and by Demoniada Black..
17 Apr 2018, 10:00 Killed at level 1448 by Pilula Verde and by Kaguya Ootsutsukii..
16 Apr 2018, 10:20 Killed at level 1441 by S A M A E L and by Demoniada Black..
15 Apr 2018, 22:48 Killed at level 1441 by D O G and by MadarAkatsuki..

Account Information
Account Status:Premium Account

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