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Character Information
Name:Winny |OFF|
Vocation:Fu Akatsuki
Otsutsuki Regeneration:Não
Last login:19 August 2018, 9:31 pm
Created:16 June 2018, 6:10 pm

19 Aug 2018, 21:30 Killed at level 1376 by R A C C O O N, x ARLEQUINA x and by The Ino Imv..
19 Aug 2018, 21:29 Killed at level 1378 by x ARLEQUINA x and by gamakichi hunt..
19 Aug 2018, 16:26 Killed at level 1379 by C H E R N O B Y L, Arkos, Graves and by Slenderman Noiado..
19 Aug 2018, 16:22 Killed at level 1381 by GOD, Naruto Akaski, Cheiro De Erva, Arkos and by Graves..
19 Aug 2018, 16:20 Killed at level 1382 by Arkos, Graves, Naruto Akaski, C H E R N O B Y L, Cheiro De Erva, GOD and by Hac'k Pirate..
19 Aug 2018, 16:19 Killed at level 1383 by C H E R N O B Y L, GOD, Slenderman Noiado, TrapStar  Raff, Hac'k Pirate and by Naruto Akaski..
19 Aug 2018, 16:18 Killed at level 1385 by Graves and by Cheiro De Erva..
19 Aug 2018, 16:15 Killed at level 1386 by Graves, System Uchiha and by C H E R N O B Y L..
19 Aug 2018, 15:58 Killed at level 1388 by Katiau, Hi Ru Zen Sa Ru To Bi, Olujimi and by Slenderman Noiado..
16 Aug 2018, 04:26 Killed at level 1354 by gamaken summoned by TrapStar  Raff..

Account Information
Account Status:Premium Account

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