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Character Information
Name:Slin Wcnobeat |OFF|
Guild Name:Member of the NaQUelE PiiQUE
Last login:16 March 2018, 10:50 pm
Created:9 February 2018, 9:06 am

15 Mar 2018, 19:21 Killed at level 1493 by Tio Crow, Hutlix'manoel, Don'wins, The Indra and by Lost Cursed..
15 Mar 2018, 19:19 Killed at level 1495 by The Indra, Lost Cursed, Minato Fury, Obito Bad and by Hutlix'manoel..
15 Mar 2018, 17:36 Killed at level 1496 by King Cash, Ton'wins, Deidara Fury and by Cheiro De Erva..
14 Mar 2018, 21:38 Killed at level 1504 by Don'wins, Lost Cursed and by Tio Dark..
14 Mar 2018, 19:08 Killed at level 1506 by Samuel Yagura, Tio Dark, Minato Namiikaze, Lost Cursed and by Lil Pumpi..
11 Mar 2018, 11:32 Killed at level 1507 by Choose Karatachi, Cheiro De Erva, Joker Chavoso and by Obiito Uchiha..
11 Mar 2018, 11:30 Killed at level 1509 by Choose Karatachi, Cheiro De Erva, Deidara Fury and by Joker Chavoso..
8 Mar 2018, 22:11 Killed at level 1500 by Layla, Guy Teensina, Faeelzinho and by JokerMan..
28 Feb 2018, 18:09 Killed at level 1500 by Lost Cursed, Don'wins, Qbex and by The Pastor..
17 Feb 2018, 15:39 Killed at level 1482 by Madara Lokao The Magnata, Guy Teensina, Raikage Lokao The Flash and by Obito Ward..

Account Information
Account Status:Premium Account

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