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Character Information
Name:Hashirama Physical |OFF|
Vocation:Hashirama Akatsuki
Crítico:50 %
Defense:50 %
Otsutsuki Regeneration:Sim
Guild Name:Titas of the ReDSkull
Last login:17 August 2018, 12:39 pm
Created:22 April 2018, 4:53 pm

27 Jun 2018, 19:58 Died at level 1532 by elite dragon boss and by Hamuura..
3 Jun 2018, 04:34 Killed at level 1519 by M o R t Y..
1 Jun 2018, 05:01 Killed at level 1506 by Leozaum Mechanics and by MadarAkatsuki..
26 May 2018, 21:27 Killed at level 1500 by U M B R E L L A, shukaku, Gobi, Sanbi and by Hachibi..
26 May 2018, 21:24 Killed at level 1502 by U M B R E L L A and by Hachibi..
24 May 2018, 19:26 Killed at level 1463 by Haziel, IVANrakitic and by GooDViBeS..
24 May 2018, 14:27 Killed at level 1455 by gamahiro summoned by Dutz Yagura, Nunnaly Vi Britannia, Deidara Grind, Haziel and by Drack Dm..
24 May 2018, 14:18 Killed at level 1457 by AGeNTe BaGuNCiNHa, Loko Abreu, GooDViBeS, Deidara Grind and by Advanced Explosive Bird summoned by Vigor..
24 May 2018, 14:17 Killed at level 1458 by Loko Abreu, AGeNTe BaGuNCiNHa, Vigor, Dutz Yagura and by Nunnaly Vi Britannia..
24 May 2018, 14:17 Killed at level 1460 by Deidara Grind and by Nunnaly Vi Britannia..

Account Information
Account Status:Premium Account

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