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Character Information
Name:Guy Teensina |OFF|
Crítico:43.3 %
Defense:50 %
Otsutsuki Regeneration:Sim
Guild Name:Titas of the ReDSkull
Last login:21 December 2018, 1:17 pm
Created:15 July 2016, 10:13 pm

9 Mar 2018, 21:36 Killed at level 1573 by Slenderman Noiado and by Raimundo Wcnobeat..
25 Feb 2018, 19:16 Killed at level 1504 by Slin Wcnobeat, Rengav Noiado and by Negao Do Zap..
25 Feb 2018, 15:10 Killed at level 1505 by Slenderman Noiado, Slin Wcnobeat, Kaguya Ootsutsukii and by Minato Namiikaze..
25 Feb 2018, 15:04 Killed at level 1507 by Kaguya Ootsutsukii, Minato Namiikaze, Slin Wcnobeat and by Slenderman Noiado..
19 Feb 2018, 18:16 Killed at level 1500 by Tobirama Seenju, elite dragon boss and by Nao Foi Voce..
19 Feb 2018, 12:37 Died at level 1502 by elite dragon boss and by Minato Namiikaze..
18 Feb 2018, 18:53 Killed at level 1495 by Tobirama Seenju, Slin Wcnobeat, Rengav Noiado and by elite giant furie..
17 Feb 2018, 15:57 Killed at level 1490 by Kronus, Explosive Arte, Jaack Sparrow and by Obito Ahlenda..
17 Feb 2018, 15:47 Killed at level 1491 by Minato Namiikaze, Slin Wcnobeat, Rellampago Dourado and by Eye Of Darkness..
17 Feb 2018, 14:38 Killed at level 1493 by Slin Wcnobeat, Minato Namiikaze, Obito Ahlenda and by yamato akatsuki..

Account Information
Account Status:Premium Account

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