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Character Information
Name:Tio Dark |OFF|
Crítico:50 %
Defense:50 %
Otsutsuki Regeneration:Sim
Guild Name:Titas of the ReDSkull
Last login:18 April 2018, 4:13 pm
Created:7 August 2017, 8:39 pm

12 Apr 2018, 17:12 Died at level 1590 by elite dragon boss..
10 Apr 2018, 13:37 Killed at level 1559 by Harquillon Belquisson, Illusionist Of Dimensions, Walker Yumasaki and by Sandaiime..
3 Apr 2018, 22:07 Killed at level 1502 by Don'wins, Deidara Corrupt, Joker Chavoso and by Cueinho Black..
1 Apr 2018, 21:56 Killed at level 1490 by Don'wins, Harquillon Belquisson, Slin Wcnobeat, Layla and by Lost Cursed..
1 Apr 2018, 21:40 Killed at level 1491 by Deidara Corrupt, Don'wins, Harquillon Belquisson, Lost Cursed and by Tor..
1 Apr 2018, 21:28 Killed at level 1493 by Rengav Noiado, Don'wins, Deidara Weinsheker, Deidara Corrupt and by Tor..
1 Apr 2018, 21:27 Killed at level 1494 by Tor, Don'wins, Lost Cursed, Slin Wcnobeat, Deidara Corrupt, Minato Namiikaze and by Harquillon Belquisson..
1 Apr 2018, 21:01 Killed at level 1496 by Harquillon Belquisson, Don'wins, Lost Cursed, Minato Namiikaze, Joker Chavoso, Rastelo Memo, Deidara Corrupt and by Slin Wcnobeat..
1 Apr 2018, 20:46 Killed at level 1498 by Don'wins, Harquillon Belquisson, Rastelo Memo and by Lost Cursed..
1 Apr 2018, 20:21 Killed at level 1499 by Lost Cursed and by Harquillon Belquisson..

Account Information
Account Status:Premium Account

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