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Character Information
Name:Tio Crow |OFF|
Guild Name:Membro of the BLooD FoReVER
Last login:19 February 2018, 5:55 pm
Created:17 July 2017, 2:36 pm

8 Feb 2018, 23:04 Killed at level 1489 by Eye Of Darkness, Guy Teensina, Deusa Do Chakra and by Tio Dark..
8 Feb 2018, 23:00 Killed at level 1490 by Guy Teensina, Kaguya Ward, Eye Of Darkness and by Deusa Do Chakra..
8 Feb 2018, 22:54 Killed at level 1492 by Naldin Mata Rindo, Eye Of Darkness, Xx Acko Xx and by Txy Obito..
29 Jan 2018, 13:23 Killed at level 1493 by Indra Imperial, Obiito Uchiha, Brigado and by Tio Dark..
9 Dec 2017, 16:00 Killed at level 1495 by Eye Of Darkness, Pure Jumentinho, Machado, Indra Flashy, Tio Gow, Yagura Tambem Rusha, Tio Dark, Pure Hate and by Tio Crowlley..
9 Dec 2017, 15:48 Killed at level 1496 by Pure Hate, Tiao Da Mobilete, Shopping, Tio Gow and by Pure Ever..
9 Dec 2017, 15:38 Killed at level 1498 by Pure Jumentinho, Pure Hate, Tio Gow, Obito Flashy, Shopping, Fael Santos, Tio Crowlley, Tio Dark and by Tiao Da Mobilete..
9 Dec 2017, 15:32 Killed at level 1500 by Obito Flashy, Fael Santos, Pure Jumentinho and by Tio Gow..
27 Oct 2017, 11:33 Killed at level 1496 by Me Notaa Senpaii, Obito Destructiion and by Tio Dark..
27 Oct 2017, 11:21 Killed at level 1498 by Madara Uchiha Top, Kaguya Destruction and by Me Notaa Senpaii..

Account Information
Account Status:Premium Account

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