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Character Information
Name:Rush Run |OFF|
Crítico:38.1 %
Defense:0 %
Otsutsuki Regeneration:Sim
Guild Name:Membro of the BLooD FoReVER
Last login:18 April 2018, 7:38 pm
Created:21 September 2015, 11:31 pm

15 Apr 2018, 21:38 Killed at level 1429 by Raiton Nofx, Slin Wcnobeat, SkipperMARSHALL, Lyncon and by Joker Chavoso..
15 Apr 2018, 21:36 Killed at level 1431 by Raiton Nofx, Slin Wcnobeat, SkipperMARSHALL and by Joker Chavoso..
15 Apr 2018, 21:01 Killed at level 1432 by Ivan Rakitic and by Vigor..
17 Feb 2018, 15:54 Killed at level 1434 by Raikage Lokao The Flash, Madara Lokao The Magnata, Guy Teensina, Explosive Arte and by Slin Wcnobeat..
17 Feb 2018, 15:07 Killed at level 1435 by Madara Lokao The Magnata, Raikage Lokao The Flash and by Olhou Pro Lado Te Comi..
17 Feb 2018, 15:07 Killed at level 1437 by Madara Lokao The Magnata..
17 Feb 2018, 14:38 Killed at level 1438 by Eye Of Darkness, My Names Is Minato and by Suco De Melancia..
4 Feb 2018, 19:38 Killed at level 1440 by PeDrinh-TehComeDeLado, Naldin Mata Rindo, Heellboy and by Obito Ward..
1 Feb 2018, 20:59 Killed at level 1441 by Agua Natural and by Monster Da Vm..
30 Jan 2018, 12:50 Killed at level 1442 by Ferrugem..

Account Information
Account Status:Premium Account

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