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Character Information
Name:Pure Trafficker |OFF|
Vocation:Itachi Akatsuki
Crítico:0 %
Defense:0 %
Otsutsuki Regeneration:Não
Guild Name:Titas of the ReDSkull
Last login:20 March 2019, 10:20 am
Created:30 March 2017, 12:57 am

4 Mar 2019, 11:50 Killed at level 1401 by Tio Flashy and by Naruto Do Teddy..
10 Feb 2019, 16:13 Killed at level 1402 by Joker Chavoso..
1 Feb 2019, 13:58 Killed at level 1404 by Naruto Do Teddy and by D E U S..
1 Feb 2019, 13:56 Killed at level 1405 by Naruto Do Teddy, D E U S and by Itachi Gordim..
24 Sep 2018, 11:09 Killed at level 1412 by Kawashima and by Fuuton Lost..
1 May 2018, 15:29 Killed at level 1419 by InSaNiTy KiLL, Cheiro De Erva, Suigtsu Do Dollynho, Ivan Rakitic and by Ratzel..
1 May 2018, 15:27 Killed at level 1421 by Ratzel, V E R S T A P P E N, Barcket, Cheiro De Erva and by InSaNiTy KiLL..
1 May 2018, 15:02 Killed at level 1428 by THC BeLquiSSon, Dream LS, V E R S T A P P E N, Suigtsu Do Dollynho, Andrey Rolezeiro and by Jhony Tranca Cave..
1 May 2018, 14:57 Killed at level 1435 by THC BeLquiSSon and by Suigtsu Do Dollynho..
1 May 2018, 14:55 Killed at level 1443 by Cheiro De Erva, Dream LS, THC BeLquiSSon, Barcket and by Andrey Rolezeiro..

Account Information
Account Status:Premium Account

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