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Character Information
Name:Minato Grind |OFF|
Otsutsuki Regeneration:Sim
Guild Name:aprendizes of the ThE MiRoKs
Last login:15 June 2019, 10:10 am
Created:22 January 2016, 10:30 pm

16 Aug 2018, 19:16 Killed at level 1176 by C A J A D O, C O R I N G A and by R A C C O O N..
15 Aug 2018, 22:56 Killed at level 1150 by Deidara Milgrau, DarK TreVaS and by Momoshiki Infernal..
15 Aug 2018, 22:52 Killed at level 1156 by Deidara Milgrau, C A J A D O, Momoshiki Infernal and by DarK TreVaS..
15 Aug 2018, 22:46 Killed at level 1157 by Joker Chavoso, DarK TreVaS and by C A J A D O..
15 Aug 2018, 22:44 Killed at level 1163 by Whiter Killer..
15 Aug 2018, 22:43 Killed at level 1164 by Deidara Milgrau and by Whiter Killer..
15 Aug 2018, 22:41 Killed at level 1165 by C A J A D O..
15 Aug 2018, 15:03 Killed at level 1171 by A R G U S and by Cheiro De Erva..
15 Aug 2018, 05:33 Died at level 1160 by Lee Castle..
14 Aug 2018, 23:44 Killed at level 1086 by Amareliinho..

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Account Status:Premium Account

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