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Character Information
Name:Caio Show |OFF|
Otsutsuki Regeneration:Sim
Dimension Zone:Não
Last login:4 June 2020, 2:29 pm
Created:7 May 2020, 11:05 pm

2 Jun 2020, 10:39 Killed at level 1312 by B O L A D A O, Deseempregado, Char My Dano, Hank Voigh, tako and by karasuu..
2 Jun 2020, 08:32 Killed at level 1313 by Hashirama-senjuu..
2 Jun 2020, 00:27 Killed at level 1313 by B O L A D O, A N D R E DE Y A G U R A and by C r A zY F L A S H..
2 Jun 2020, 00:19 Killed at level 1314 by Rodrigo Fonseca and by B O L A D O..
1 Jun 2020, 15:30 Killed at level 1315 by D a N i e L, B l u E A n G E L, Quilliam Black and by skeleto..
1 Jun 2020, 15:21 Died at level 1317 by skeleto..
1 Jun 2020, 14:06 Died at level 1318 by skeleto, KiLLinG OtHeRs and by kuroarii..
1 Jun 2020, 14:04 Died at level 1320 by gokiburi..
1 Jun 2020, 13:40 Killed at level 1321 by D a R K W e e D..
31 May 2020, 20:48 Died at level 1321 by tokingutsuri and by S U U S A N O O..

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Account Status:Premium Account

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